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About the Tanks...

A Chef’s Choice Soak Tank is a stand-alone unit, which plugs into a regular wall outlet with - NO PLUMBING REQUIRED!

Made from double-skinned 304 food grade commercial stainless steel that is fully insulated and thermostatically controlled to maintain a temperature of 87°C.

Our heated soak tanks are designed based on experience and collaboration with various commercial kitchens around New Zealand and Australia to ensure safety and ease of use.

The Chef’s Choice cleaning system will dramatically improve commercial kitchen hygiene, instantly.

Each heated soak tank features an easy load basket system with large attachment points,  allowing for comfortable loading and unloading of heavy items. We have also incorporated a lid safety locking mechanism into our tanks to eliminate risks of injury surrounding the use of our tanks.

Our HACCP compliant tanks are the ideal hygiene solution for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cafes, fast food chains, and bakeries, right up to industrial and commercial kitchens.

Our chemicals are fully biodegradable, non-toxic, and caustic-free.

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Sanitisation removes bacteria that can cause food-borne illness. Extra care is needed to ensure that there are no shortcuts taken when sanitising surfaces that could come into contact with food. The improper cleaning and sanitising of food contact equipment allows the transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms to food and ultimately to customers. Sanitiser effectiveness depends on three factors: the concentration of the solution in the water, the water temperature, and the contact time with the dishes—the three things our Soak Tanks excel at ensuring!
  • Equipment better than the 3-compartment sink or dishwasher
  • Carbon build-up
  • Hood filters
  • Without scrubbing
  • Labour
  • Time
  • Equipment
  • Money
  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Water
  • Time
  • Resources
  • Energy
  • Equipment


We supply your business with a Chef’s Choice Soak Tank and the according chemicals and set it up for an affordable monthly fee.


We train your staff to operate the soak tank. It is so easy they will be wondering why there wasn’t one sooner!


We come back monthly to empty, clean, and refill the tank. Our chemicals are fully bio-degradable, non-toxic, and caustic-free.

Self Service

We supply the tank and associated chemicals, and train staff on how to self-clean the tank monthly.


"The Team at the Rowdy Kitchen have been impressed with Chefs Choice Soak Tanks and their ability to remove baked on build up on our kitchenware. Equipment that has been soaked looks fantastic (important with an open kitchen such as ours) and considerable time savings have been made in reduced cleaning times which has freed staff for more productive work. Warren has been a pleasure to work with. Responding to requests quickly and being extremely personable. We strongly recommend Chefs Choice Soak tanks as an effective option for busy commercial kitchens."

The Rowdy Kitchen

"When approached by Warren from Chefs Choice Soak Tanks about installing a soak tank and how it would assist us with the cleaning within our kitchen area I was prepared to give it a go for 3 months. Well we saw the benefits within 2 days. The soak tank has done what Warren claimed it would do and more.
No more hard scrubbing on Hobs and hard baked surfaces. The soak tank does the scrubbing for us. The extraction fans can be done in house now and in no time at all.
It is saving on water and chemicals which we see as great for the environment. This was sold to us as a genuine money saver across the board. For the job it does we cant not afford to have one in the Kitchen.
We recommend Chefs Choice soak tanks because they do exactly what they say they will and have saved me time and money."

Steve Gardiner, Owner | Lone Star (Nelson)

“We love this Soak Tank. You have saved us from all the hard work of
cleaning those grills.  We can concentrate on other aspects of the
business now.”

Tristan Anderson | Smokey T’s  

"We’ve had the soak tank for about 6 months now and it’s absolutely fantastic, no more hard scrubbing, our pans and trays have never been so clean, I wish these were around when I was a junior as I spent a lot of time hard scrubbing equipment, I highly recommend you get one for your establishment now." Anthony Fomison | Executive Head Chef

The Old Vicarage